Lemonheads | 3 Lbs | Delicious Sour Lemon Candy | Lemon Heads | Yellow Lemon Bulk Candy Bag


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Indulge in an adventure of tart lemon flavor and movie theater nostalgia with Lemonheads Candy! Each bulk candy bag contains 3 lbs of classic lemon flavored candy — perfect for bold movie nights and colorful celebrations. Try these hard candies for a crunchy treat at engagement parties, office parties, Easter gatherings, or any special event. Experience a world of sharp lemon flavor with Lemonheads Candy!

Delicious Sour Lemon Candy Yellow

Lemonheads are a delicious and sour lemon candy that come in a 3 lb yellow bulk bag. These yellow lemon treats are a long-time fan favorite and a classic childhood treat. Enjoy the flavor and enjoy the fun!

Stock up on the classic treat of Lemonheads with this 3 lb bag. This tasty yellow lemon candy is individually wrapped for maximum freshness. Enjoy the tart and tangy flavor with every bite. Perfect for special occasions or everyday snacking.