Sweetarts Twist Wrap Bulk 5lb By The Nile Sweets

Sweetarts Twist Wrap Bulk 5lb By The Nile Sweets


  • $34.99

Brand: Wonka


  • SWEETS IN BULK - This pack of Wonka SweeTARTS comes in a 5lb pack for any party or occasion for kids and adults!
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED - SweeTART candies in individually wrapped, transparent plastic so you'll have a handful to enjoy with each piece.
  • BITE SIZED CANDIES - Easy to eat and impossible not to enjoy! The perfect size for adults and kids to savor.
  • GREAT FOR PARTIES - Giveaways, gifts, piñatas, you can use the Wonka SweeTARTS to satisfy everyone's sweet (and sour) tooth!
  • SWEET AND SOUR MIX - Each pack contains a mix of sweet and sour candies for a burst of contrasting - and totally exciting - flavors in one twist wrap candy.

Publisher: Nestle

Details: If you'd like to make the most out of your sweet cravings, then this pack of Wonka SweeTARTS is for you! This pack comes in 5lb bulks with individually wrapped twist candies from Wonka SweeTARTS, a handful of yummy goodness with mixed sweet and sour candies for people who loves contrasting flavors! Taste both candies at the same time for a wonderful burst of flavor to delight your taste buds.Wonka SweeTARTS are just the candy for children's parties as giveaways or game prizes, but they're also a fun piñata filling for kids and adult parties! Each individually wrapped candy includes a handful of SweeTARTS so everyone can enjoy and satisfy their sweet tooth with each piece!

Package Dimensions: 9.5 x 8.6 x 4.2 inches