The Nile Sweets Sugar Free Spearmint Starlight Hard candies


  • $14.95



  • This sugar-free treat is perfect for any occasion! The Nile Sweets Sugar-Free Spearmint Starlight Hard Candy comes in a pound pack, and offers a classic hard candy experience without all the sugar of traditional candies.
  • Enjoy the naturally sweet flavor of spearmint candy without worrying about additives or excessive amounts of sugar – this particular sugar free hard candy
  • Experience a blast of minty spearmint mints freshness with each piece of candy – hard candy sugar free
  • Get your nostalgic kick and reminisce about days gone by – just like grandma’s old-fashioned candy but without all the added sugar!
  • Satisfy sweet cravings while avoiding guilt – this pack boasts plenty of variety with hard , starlite mints, and lemon drops amongst others, giving you an assortment that wont break your diet plan or wreak havoc on your blood sugar levels! sugar free hard candy bulk

Details: The Nile Sweets Sugar-Free Spearmint Starlight Hard Candy (1 Pound Pack)

Package Dimensions: 8.4 x 7.6 x 1.9 inches